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Environmental Savings and Benefits of Authenticated Virtual Inspections

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It takes an estimated 43,000 trees to absorb 1.5 million pounds of CO2 - the same amount of emissions EXL and Truepic prevented in one year.

EXL and Truepic have innovated insurance inspections and substantially reduced carbon footprints for many of the world’s largest insurers. EXL was able to achieve this by deploying Truepic’s image authentication platform, Truepic Vision, to digitize over 50,000 of its partners’ insurance inspections, removing transportation emissions associated with in-person inspections.

Millions of pounds of CO2 emissions prevented

In 2022, EXL and Truepic estimate that our partnership will prevent the emission of over 2.5 million pounds of CO2 over the course of 100,000 virtual inspections through over 7 million authenticated images and videos.

Product overview

Truepic Vision is powered by patented secure provenance technology that ensures the authenticity of images and relevant data at the point of capture - empowering policy owners, clients, and beneficiaries to self-document insurance claims, underwriting, and other inspections with the same level of trust as in-person inspections.’

Powered by patented secure
provenance technology
Insurance partners

EXL’s insurance partners’ specialists can review inspection results more rapidly without adding transportation emissions from in-person inspections.

Positive impact

The use of Truepic Vision not only has a positive impact on the environment, but it also helps EXL deliver faster service for its clients by dramatically reducing wait times for review.

Faster service

EXL can empower end-users with the ability to begin self-documentation in less than ten seconds - dramatically accelerating the review process and support.

Truepic Vision simplifies insurance inspections in three easy steps:

Dramatically lower carbon footprints

Truepic Vision’s virtual inspection platform allows EXL to dramatically lower carbon footprints by preventing transportation emissions. Reducing or eliminating in-person inspections not only benefits the environment but also saves time and increases trusted digital transactions.

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