Truepic NewsBallotpedia and Truepic Partner to Verify U.S. Political Candidate Identities and Help Reduce Impersonation and AI-Generated Content Risks

Truepic’s Content Authenticity Platform Helped Ballotpedia Verify Over 8,000 Candidates for Elected Office

San Diego, CA & Middleton, WI June 12, 2024Truepic, provider of secure content transparency infrastructure, and Ballotpedia, the online encyclopedia of American politics, have successfully verified over 8,000 candidates for elected office in the U.S. Since 2020, Ballotpedia has used Truepic’s secure photo and video authentication platform, Truepic Vision, to help verify the identities of U.S. political candidates participating in its Candidate Connection program.

As generative AI becomes increasingly sophisticated and widespread, Truepic’s technology provides authenticated content and data for Ballotpedia to help verify candidate identities and reduce imitation and impersonation risks. Media from Truepic’s secure photo and video authentication platform also aligns to the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) open specification, the emerging best practice for transparency in digital content. Truepic is a founding member of the C2PA and a leader in transparently identifying and labeling synthetic content produced by AI systems to establish the authenticity and provenance of digital content.

Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection questionnaire allows candidates to provide more information about themselves for their Ballotpedia profile pages and Sample Ballot Lookup Tool. Before posting information submitted through Candidate Connection to its website, Ballotpedia asks candidates to confirm their submission by providing verified photos via Truepic Vision.

“Ballotpedia and Truepic’s partnership stands as a great example of digital content authenticity helping identity verification and increasing transparency in the election process,” said Mounir Ibrahim, Chief Communications Officer and Head of Public Affairs at Truepic. “Helping verify 8,000 candidates is a landmark achievement, and we are honored that our technology supports Ballotpedia in increasing transparency around elections throughout the country. We all use digital content every day to make decisions, and knowing if content is authenticated is particularly critical in a year of global elections.”

“Truepic efficiently enables Ballotpedia to verify the identity of candidates who submit their Candidate Connection Survey, by ensuring that the photo ID provided is authentic and secure,” said Matt Latourelle, Ballotpedia’s Director of Technology Operations. “Our Candidate Connection program and Sample Ballot Lookup Tool provide millions of voters with the information they need to choose representatives who reflect their values and uphold their ideals. Truepic is a key ingredient in helping us maintain our commitment to trustworthy, accurate, nonpartisan, unbiased content.”

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