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Truepic to Work with “DePuy Synthes Canada*” to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Risk

San Diego, CA, Aug. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Truepic, the leader in digital image provenance and authenticity, will work with DePuy Synthes Canada* by integrating the Truepic Vision platform seamlessly into their operations process. DePuy Synthes Canada will deploy Truepic’s provenance-based technology to authenticate media used to track high-value medical devices throughout Canada.

Truepic’s patented secure provenance technology powers the Vision platform. This technology ensures the authenticity of images and videos and their relevant metadata (time, date, and location) at the point of capture. Truepic Vision will allow DePuy Synthes Canada to accurately document and track assets throughout the complex operations process and provide visibility and transparency to their customers. As a result, DePuy Synthes Canada will be able to save time, reduce risk, and increase tracking safety and efficiency.

“We look forward to working with DePuy Synthes Canada and assisting them in securely documenting the movement and safekeeping of high-value items as they move through their sales cycle,” said Craig Stack, Founder, and President of Truepic. “Truepic technology will aid DePuy Synthes Canada in its mission of reimagining the orthopedic landscape with new advancements in medical technologies to help those in need. By documenting and streamlining the operations process using Truepic Vision they can provide their employees and customers detailed information on the time/date/location of medical devices in the field.”

*DePuy Synthes Canada is part of Johnson & Johnson Medical Products, a division of Johnson & Johnson Inc.

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