Truepic NewsTruepic Grantees Deploy Authenticated Media to the Most Remote Parts of the World

Truepic, the leader in digital image provenance and authenticity, is proud to announce that Chufly Imports, MiCT, Mulokot Foundation, and One Earth Future are the award recipients for its 2022 grant program. Each grantee winner will be given pro bono usage of Truepic’s Vision platform to accelerate its mission. Chufly Imports – will increase transparency in the wine industry, empowering talented winegrowers from developing nations, Media in Cooperation and Transition (MiCT) – aims to educate populations in critical locations on image veracity by deploying the technology in existing educational programs, Mulokot Foundation – brings sustainable development to the Wayana Community in the Amazon through capacity building and managing community-based projects, and One Earth Future – designs, tests, and partners to scale programs targeted to help individuals in conflict zones. Now in its fourth year, Truepic’s social impact grant program aims to empower and advance the work of social impact organizations through its award-winning image authentication platform, Truepic Vision. To date, Truepic has donated over $500,000 in grants and to social impact partners around the world.

“At Chufly, we empower talented winemakers from lesser-known wine regions. The Truepic grant will be crucial in telling the stories of inspiring and remarkable winegrowers. This technology will help us empower people and, therefore, transform communities”

“When selecting our grantees, we look for innovative and proven organizations working to positively impact their communities and the world. Our grantees have a clear understanding of how authenticated imagery and remote inspections will assist them in their missions. Trusted images and videos help increase oversight, due diligence, and transparency, helping beneficiaries, donors, and the general public. We are excited to see how our grantees will reach their goals and positively impact the world using Truepic’s technology,”

~ Mounir Ibrahim, Vice President of Public Affairs and Impact at Truepic.

Chufly Imports, a sustainability-focused organization, brings quality wines from undiscovered regions that drive socioeconomic development. Chufly is a U.S. online marketplace for family farmers and wineries with limited export opportunities. Truepic’s Vision platform will be used to verify the source and conditions under which the wines are being produced while telling the unique stories of those communities involved. “At Chufly, we empower talented winemakers from lesser-known wine regions. The Truepic grant will be crucial in telling the stories of inspiring and remarkable winegrowers. This technology will help us empower people and, therefore, transform communities,” said Ramon Escobar, Founder of Chufly Imports.

MiCT facilitates the training of journalists and media producers, and program and content development across all mediums. MiCT plans to deploy the Vision platform in existing programs with professors in the University of Anbar and the University of Tirkit to assist media literacy programming while sharing tools that support information verification. “The weaponization of digital and information technologies over the pre-election period in Iraq was identified as a major challenge for media consumers and political discourse. Truepic Vision will be utilized by universities and students to crowdsource authentic content. Media literacy programming must place focus on the ability of consumers to identify and contest deceptive or outright erroneous information,” said Christa Waegemann, Project Manager, MiCT.

Mulokot Foundation, an UN-recognized indigenous organization operating in South America, works to bring development and assistance to the Wayana community, one of the most remote indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest. Mulokot’s team will use the Vision platform to transform its operations by optimizing processes through remote inspections, dramatically reducing costs and risks associated with oversight. “At Mulokot, our mission is to fight for the Wayana’s land rights and secure the community’s traditional knowledge and art. We are in the process of mapping our 30,000 km2 territory. Within this project, we will use Truepic’s authenticated digital images and geolocation data to support our mission of protecting the Wayana community and their traditions,” said Andre Verhoogt, Managing Director, Mulokot.

One Earth Future (OEF) is an incubator of innovative, data-driven peacebuilding programs that work hand-in-hand with communities to eliminate the root causes of armed conflict. “Currently, OEF consists of six fully operational programs designed to foster sustainable peace across a variety of geographic regions and issue areas – many of which are poised to benefit from Truepic’s Vision technology. OEF hopes to utilize Vision as a way of reducing overhead costs associated with due diligence, field visits, and other administrative activities; decrease travel in areas of high insecurity in Somalia and Colombia by digitizing inspections; and demonstrating impact and regulatory compliance standards through verifiable, empirically accurate data to attract future funding and implementation partnerships,” said Sierra Method, Future Labs Program Manager, One Earth Future.

In addition to these grant recipients, Truepic will be renewing past grants to Ballotpedia, Global Fund for Widows, Latino Economic Development Center, One Tree Planted, and United Nation Capital Development Fund (UNCDF). Truepic is proud to support these missions and looks forward to continuing to help accelerate various social impact goals through the use of controlled capture technology.

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Founded in 2015, Truepic develops the world’s most secure camera technology for mobile devices. Truepic is the pioneer of secure media provenance through its patented Controlled Capture technology, which empowers viewers to make better-informed decisions through high integrity photos & videos. The Truepic team is dedicated to restoring trust in every pixel of consequence, with the goal of having a shared sense of visual reality across the internet.

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