Truepic NewsTruepic’s Authenticating Camera SDK Recognized by TIME’s Best Inventions 2022

Truepic Lens is a foundational piece for scaling the secure and authentic creation of digital content across internet to increase trust and transparency online

San Diego, CA, Nov. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Truepic Lens, the first smartphone camera for capturing secure and authenticated digital content, was recognized as one of TIME’s 2022 Best Inventions in the Apps & Software category. Truepic Lens is an iOS and Android Software Development Kit (SDK) that powers any mobile platform or service to integrate secure camera technology directly into an existing mobile application. Truepic Lens’ secure media capture and signing solution aligns with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity’s (C2PA) open specification, which allows full interoperability between original capture, editing, storage, and display tools. Now content consumers can see where and how content was originally created, as well as what specific edits have been made since creation. This transparent digital ecosystem empowers business and society to make informed decisions based on digital content at scale.

“We are honored by TIME’s recognition and believe that our mission to scale digital content authenticity is critical to the future of our global societies and economies. Synthetic content creation tools are advancing rapidly and are now completely open and accessible to billions. Yet, businesses, institutions, and society have no method of deciphering synthetic from authentic,” said Jeff McGregor, CEO of Truepic. “This is now a fundamental challenge to our collective ability to have a healthy information ecosystem as we enter the next phase of the internet. We are proud to work with our partners and colleagues in the C2PA to drive the future of digital content transparency online.”

Truepic Lens will be the necessary foundation for digital transformation of industries ranging from financial services for operational efficiency to peer-to-peer marketplaces to enhance consumer protection. The SDK’s interoperability is being demonstrated with other C2PA-compliant products with partners such as Microsoft and in combination with Adobe’s CAI open-source offerings. Truepic and Microsoft are highlighting the scalability of digital content authenticity and provenance across multiple platforms, which will power transparency across content creation, interoperable transmission, and display.

“We congratulate Truepic and applaud TIME for recognizing and showcasing the value of digital content provenance,” said Eric Horvitz, Chief Scientific Officer at Microsoft. “As a co-founder of the C2PA provenance standards effort, we are thrilled to see this innovation in action. Microsoft shares Truepic’s commitment to empowering people with the ability to verify the source and authenticity of the information they encounter online, which is essential for healthy and thriving democracies.”

“A trustworthy internet starts with giving people the tools they need to verify the authenticity of digital content. Truepic has taken a major step toward this goal with their Truepic Lens SDK,” said Dana Rao, EVP, General Counsel and Chief Trust Officer, Adobe. “As the founder of the Content Authenticity Initiative and fellow co-founder of the C2PA, we’re excited to see Truepic recognized for this work and we look forward to continuing to partner with them to advance our shared vision of increasing trust online through provenance solutions and standards.”

The SDK utilizes Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as a foundation, ensuring maximum security, privacy, reliability, and ease of use. It also runs a suite of authenticity checks to validate the device, associated image metadata, and original pixels of every photo and video captured. All content complies with the C2PA standard and can travel across the internet to any service, cloud, or platform, adopting the provenance-based specification.

About Truepic

Truepic is the leader in Digital Content Authenticity, empowering transparency and shared trust in media across the internet. Recognized as one of TIME’s Best Inventions and one of Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas, Truepic’s AI platform and secure mobile camera technology assure the authenticity of photos and videos. Truepic enables customers to capture and sign C2PA-compliant content, preventing fraud, identity theft, misinformation, and disinformation caused by generative, manipulated or deepfake digital content. Consumers, businesses, and communities count on Truepic to help them make confident decisions by allowing them to see where and how content was originally created, as well as what specific edits have been made since creation. Learn more at

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