Your app, our app – we have the solution for ensuring the authenticity of customer-submitted photos.

Turnkey platform for requesting and reviewing trusted photos and videos.

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Our SDK works with your existing applications, providing a layer of photo fraud prevention in your workflows.

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Instant oversight. Anywhere in the world.

Reduce risk, lower costs, and increase oversight by using the world’s leading photo authentication technology.

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Truepic Vision drives oversight and monitoring & evaluation in 3 easy steps:

CAPTURE 1 Send a request

Your customer receives a text or email with a secure link to download the Truepic Vision app. No login or sign up is required.

Send a request
Take some photos

Verify 2 Take some photos

Your customer captures images based on the relevant list of the photos you require. Truepic will then, receive and verify the images using data from the device’s image sensors. A digital fingerprint is then created, stored and locked.

TRUST 3 View the results

You are then notified. Browse the analyzed images and the verification results instantly in the Truepic Vision dashboard.

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“Truepic Vision has provided a convenient, less intrusive option to collect photos. When photos are taken through the app, our Underwriters have a much higher confidence level on their authenticity.”

Dr. Simona Ceci SVP of Global Operations

Monitor and evaluate development projects to lower costs and risks associated with due diligence and fraud prevention.

Calculate how much you could save by switching to Truepic.

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Additional Annual Savings
Based on 1 inspector per inspection
Time Saving
Carbon Impact (CO2)
*That’s the equivalent of trees absorbing CO2 per year!

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Annual Saving

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5 Year Annual Spend Projection

Time saving is based on a customer waiting for 2 days for an inspector to visit and submit their report. Carbon Impact is based on an inspector traveling 45 miles to/from the required location by car and one mature tree absorbing 22 pounds of carbon per year - according to study by One Tree Planted.

The Truepic Savings Calculator is intended to provide an estimate of the potential cost savings that Truepic customers could achieve when switching to virtual inspections. Exact savings may differ and in some cases maybe even higher. Request a demo to see just how much you can save by switching to Truepic.

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