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Our Impact

Increasing trust around the world

Though Truepic was founded as a private sector solution for capturing trusted documentation, early on we realized the wide reaching positive impact of our foundational technology. Since then we have been driven to deploy our offerings to improve society by aiding in global decision-making and improving trust across the internet.

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Global reach, Global impact

Truepic has enabled our social impact partners to collect documentation across the globe, from Svalbard, Norway to Rio Gallegos, Argentina.

2,000+ Programs / Events Documented
50,000+ Verified Images and Videos Captured
151 Countries
Our Commitment

Helping Build Trust

By reducing barriers & obstacles for social impact organizations, we can help foster the use of trusted image capture across the globe. To date, Truepic has awarded over $300,000 through in-kind Grants of technology for social impact oriented organizations.

Our incredible partners use our technology to:

  • Monitor and evaluate development projects globally to lower costs and risks associated with due diligence and fraud prevention.
  • Protect elections and democratic processes through verified inspections and audits.
    Read Ballotpedia’s Case Study
  • Empower and help citizen journalists disseminate information and counter disinformation through verified imagery.
  • Collect verified imagery to increase accountability globally.
  • Document provenance of cultural heritage and antiquities to prevent looting and black market sales.
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Adding value for our partners

Truepic reduces the cost, time, and risk of in-person oversight, audits, and due-diligence around the globe.

United Nations Capital Development Fund

Use Case: Using Controlled Capture to help meet the highest standards of transparency and accountability in international development.

Pilot Locations: Across the 31 Least Developed Countries (LDCs) where UNCDF has a physical presence.

Projects Documented: 14, including coffee farms, agricultural preserve in Malawi, and newly launched market projects to advance women’s economic empowerment in Northern Uganda.

Expansion:  UNCDF is currently training its global staff on the use of Truepic’s Vision platform and plans to create a verified database of its climate infrastructure project globally.

Opportunity Fund

Use Case: Virtual inspections and due diligence on loan applications before origination.

Expansion: As a social impact lender striving to empower the most vulnerable small businesses around the country, Opportunity Fund leverages Truepic Vision to expand its loan program across 44 states while maintaining due diligence and lowering costs.

Did You Know?

  • Truepic’s Controlled Capture has been used in 151 countries, including:
    • Northernmost point: Svalbard, Norway
    • Southernmost point: Rio Gallegos, Argentina
    • Smallest Countries: Bermuda, St. Lucia, Mauritius
  • Truepic was selected by the U.S. Department of State to train some of the world’s leading journalists, activists, and students in Nicosia, Cyprus on the use of Controlled Capture to counter disinformation.
  • As part of its Social Impact, Truepic released a free metadata viewer for public use – try it here.
  • Truepic’s technology has been used in over 150 countries, ranging from the northernmost to southernmost points of the globe – and everywhere in between!


Help change your community and the world with verified imagery

Learning how to optimally deploy our technology to benefit society has been incredibly educational. One approach that’s proven to be extremely effective is empowering organizations to integrate verified imagery into their impressive missions. As a result, our team has created a grant program to streamline our support of social impact organizations.

Our grant program is open to any organization (even for-profit) who believes verified imagery will help affect positive change in their community, country, or globally. If you are seeking tech-enabled solutions to today’s most challenging issues, please consider the following engagement opportunity.

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