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Our commitment Better Images.
Better Decisions.

Though Truepic was founded as a private-sector solution for capturing trusted documentation, early-on we realized the wide-reaching impact of our foundational technology. Since then we have been driven to deploy our offerings to improve society by aiding in decision-making and improving trust online. The journey has been incredible.

Our Motivation

We recognize the power of our technology

Our foundational Controlled Capture technology has been used in over 100 countries for a variety of reasons. Our partners have embedded Truepic into their incredible work and use the technology in innovative ways to increase transparency, lower costs, improve security, document critical information, capture evidence, and countless other benefits that we never could have even imagined.

Our Partnership Approach

From documenting events in conflict zones to monitoring projects at home or around the globe

As the only product of its kind in a market flooded with tools to manipulate, edit, and falsify digital imagery, we look for partners that are actively trying to improve the world through transparency. These use cases range in size, variety, and purpose. Nonetheless, whether it is a local project improving infrastructure in a community, or a large organization seeking to positively influence global issues, one thing is consistent - trusted images and videos are helpful to all of our partners.

Truepic Grant Program

Help change your community and the world with verified imagery

Learning how to optimally deploy our technology to benefit society has been incredibly educational. One approach that’s proven to be extremely effective is empowering organizations to integrate verified imagery into their impressive missions. As a result, our team has created a grant program to streamline our support of social impact organizations.

Our grant program is open to any organization (even for-profit) who believes verified imagery will help affect positive change in their community, country, or globally. If you are seeking tech-enabled solutions to today’s most challenging issues, please consider the following engagement opportunity.

Apply For the Truepic Grant Program