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Our Technology A holistic approach to a complex problem

Truepic is continuously working to use the latest in computer vision, AI, and cryptography technologies to solve the complex task of photo and video verification.

The Problem

When seeing may no longer be believing

People often rely on what they see to discern truth. But digital photos and videos can be manipulated in several ways, making it a challenge to trust their contents.

How we solve the problem

Controlled Capture
Controlled Capture

A new breed of visual media

Truepic's patented Controlled Capture technology establishes trust in digital photos and videos by verifying their origin, pixel contents, and metadata, from the instant the capture button is pressed. It leverages cutting-edge machine learning, computer vision, and cryptographic techniques to ensure the highest possible levels of trust, credibility, and immutability.

  • Trusted

    In addition to the data from the image sensor, Controlled Capture technology uses additional data and testing to establish trust in photos or videos. Only those images that pass the extensive verification process are designated as authentic originals, for the maximum possible level of trust.

  • Credible

    Every photo and video taken with Controlled Capture technology passes through an unbroken chain of custody, from the instant the light reaches the image sensor to the time the image is shared with the recipient. Every link in the chain of custody is logged and can be verified at any point later.

  • Immutable

    The unique cryptographic signature of each photo and video taken using Controlled Capture technology is written to the blockchain. This creates an immutable record in a distributed public ledger, which is outside Truepic's control, for maximum resiliency.

How it works

Creating a trusted chain of custody for photos and videos, right from the source

Step One: Capture

At the instant that the capture button is pressed, the Controlled Capture pipeline receives data directly from the image sensor, along with data from other onboard sensors such as GPS. It computes a cryptographic signature—like a digital fingerprint— for the image, and encrypts all this information for transmission to Truepic's servers. A unique identifier is created for the image. This initiates the image's "chain of custody".

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Step Two: Verify

Once the image is captured, it undergoes a battery of over 20 verification tests, including: the integrity of the capture device; the date and time of capture; the location of capture; and that the image is not a recapture of an existing one. Only photos and videos that pass these verification tests are designated as authentic originals.

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Step Three: Store

The original image, along with its metadata, cryptographic signature, and the results of the verification tests are stored in the Truepic vault in perpetuity. A verification page is created for the image, allowing recipients to view the original image and the results of the verification tests.

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Step Four: Record

An immutable record, containing the image's cryptographic signature, is written to a public distributed ledger that is neither controlled by Truepic nor hosted on Truepic's servers. This closes the chain of custody.

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Controlled Capture in Action

A foundational technology

Truepic’s patented Controlled Capture technology is at the heart of our products that offer the highest level of trust, for organizations ranging from insurance carriers to NGOs.

Truepic Vision

Truepic Vision is our trusted virtual inspection platform, built from the ground-up to drastically simplify and speed up the virtual inspection process for insurance carriers and lenders.

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