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Truepic App Capture trustworthy photos and videos. Share anywhere.

With the Truepic app, anyone can take and share photos and videos that are verifiable as trustworthy, authentic originals.

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*Standard data rates apply. The Truepic app requires a working Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to enable its Controlled Capture technology.
How It Works

​​Works like the camera app you use everyday.

​​We designed the Truepic app to feel familiar, while allowing you to capture trustworthy images and share them with ease.

Step One: Download the App

Download the Truepic app and sign up for an account. Grant the necessary permissions to access the camera, microphone, and location data from your smartphone.

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Step Two: Capture Photos of Videos

Begin capturing photos or videos. Truepic's patented Controlled Capture technology ensures the highest level of trust throughout the process.

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Step Three: Share your Images

Share a watermarked version of the photo or video right from the Truepic app, or share the image's live verification page URL. Recipients can see the original exactly as it was captured, along with the results of Truepic’s extensive verification tests.

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Use Cases

Democratizing visual trust


Establishing visual trust with ease

The Truepic app allows anyone in the world to capture and share verified photos and videos, using award-winning technology to counter waning trust on the internet.

  • Highest level of trust

    Highest level of trust

    The Truepic app leverages Truepic's patented Controlled Capture technology to ensure that each photo and video is a trustworthy, authentic original.

  • Easy sharing

    Easy sharing

    A Truepic photo or video can be shared right from the app, or the image's live verification webpage address can be copied and pasted into any messaging or email app for easy sharing.

  • Privacy controls

    Privacy controls

    Truepic photos and videos are private by default, and remain so until they are shared with others. The app allows additional control over the level of location detail to reveal to recipients (none/regional/local).

  • Ownership


    Photos and videos captured with the Truepic app remain the property of the user. Truepic will never sell or share the images with any other party, without their explicit consent.


You have questions, we have answers


The Truepic app communicates with Truepic’s servers during the capture process, which is needed to run the verification tests that establish the image’s authenticity.


One of the key benefits of Controlled Capture is accurately geolocating where the image was taken. This can have benefits for the person capturing the image, as they can prove where the image was taken. And for the person viewing the image, it establishes trust that the location was not manipulated.


Although the image’s location has to be recorded accurately when the image is captured, it remains private to the user capturing the image, and it is not revealed to the recipient unless explicitly exposed by the image owner.


If you receive a photo captured using Truepic, you can simply visit the public verification URL that’s watermarked on the image (typically, it is found in the bottom right-hand corner of the image). Ensure that the URL begins with “”.


​​​​Once on the verification page for the image, you can see the results of the 20+ verification tests that it underwent. Green test results indicate that we have high confidence in the result. Orange or red results indicate that the image may have been an attempt to manipulate the image in some way (e.g. that the image is a picture of an existing picture).


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