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Insight, powered by Truepic Flexible, Highly Scalable, Photo Forensics Tool

Hidden in the pixel data and the file structure of an image is a wealth of information that could help you gauge its authenticity. Insight, powered by Truepic, exposes this rich set of information, addressing the 2+ billion unverified photos that are captured & uploaded to the internet every day.

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Truepic Insight
How It Works

Two simple systems

Web Panel

Web Panel

Drag and drop one or more images directly into our Insight web panel and view results instantaneously. Great for individuals or small groups tasked with identifying image based fraud, inconsistencies, or repurposing.


The Insight API

Our API is designed specifically for the largest services on the internet, enabling programmatic analysis of images to make more informed decisions at scale. Great for services that take in tens of thousands of images a day.

Use Cases

The tool for businesses that rely on photos


Take the guessing work out of image evaluation

Deploying Insight in your business is like having your own photo forensics expert on staff. Insight replaces archaic tools with the latest in cutting-edge forensics technology, and makes them accessible to your teams simply.

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  • Flexible


    Insight works with any JPEG image uploaded to the internet, and can be used via a simple drag & drop web panel, or programmatically via our API.

  • Unprecedented speed

    Unprecedented speed

    Insight is built to handle thousands of images per second, making it highly scalable and capable of working with the largest organizations on the web.

  • Privacy controls

    Privacy controls

    Start with our Drag & Drop panel for initial testing, and tie into our API over time to automate the solution.