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Our SDK works with your existing applications, providing a layer of photo fraud prevention in your workflows.

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Warranty Fraud
Prevention, Redefined

Companies lose billions of dollars to fraudulent warranty claims every year. Truepic can change that in a click, verifying beyond doubt whether a claim is authentic. A solution to stop fraud in its tracks, transform the consumer experience, and save time on authentic claims.

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The Problem

The Cost of Fraudulent Warranty Claims

No process is perfect, and the process for resolving warranty claims can be exploited. Bad actors are siphoning billions out of warranty claims, some even make a living from it. But fraud itself is just one of several issues that could be improved when resolving warranty claims.



Is the average number of claims that are fraudulent, costing US businesses $7 billion every year


(Fraud as a Service)

Product images, serial numbers, and fake bank details are all available to buy on the dark web, and people are making a living out of it

Hidden Costs


Handling of fraudulent claims increases indirect costs, including shipping, handling, and personnel to name but a few

The Solution

Truepic Safeguards Against Warranty Fraud

With Truepic, your business can request and receive verified, trustworthy images from customers in real-time
Save money by preventing fraudulent warranty claims with verified image technology
Identify fraudulent
Truepic identifies fraudulent photos, verifying their origins and deterring FaaS
Verify customer
Verify the intent of your customers by validating captured serial numbers against location
Complete the claims process in minutes, transforming the customer experience for all claims
Reduce unnecessary
Save time, and money on shipping, handling, and inspection of returned goods
Safeguard your
Safeguard your business from a rising trend in friendly fraud through deterrents
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Additional Benefits

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The Truepic Savings Calculator is intended to provide an estimate of the potential cost savings that Truepic customers could achieve when switching to virtual inspections. Exact savings may differ and in some cases maybe even higher. Cost saving is based upon an average of 15% of claims being fraudulent. Depending on the industry, fraud ranges from 9-22%.

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Authenticated photos captured in your app

Our SDK, Truepic Lens, is the leading visual verification tool, seeking to restore truth back to the internet. Truepic Lens works with your existing marketplace, platform, or app – empowering you with knowledge to protect your business from fraud

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