Photo and video verification you can trust.

Truepic is the leading photo and video verification platform. Everyday, we verify images from all over the world for individuals and enterprises of all sizes, using our patented Controlled Capture technology and image forensics tools.

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Capture trustworthy photos and videos. Share anywhere.

Documentation, auditing, journalism

With the Truepic app, anyone can take and share photos and videos that are verifiable as trustworthy, authentic originals. And anyone receiving them can be assured of their authenticity: no filters, no editing, no change of location or time data, and no recycling of old photos or videos from the internet.

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Modernize the inspection process

virtual inspections for insurance

The traditional insurance inspection process is expensive and slow. Physical inspections frustrate customers, and uncontrolled images often lack authenticity. Truepic Vision’s patented technology modernizes the inspection process for insurance carriers, delights insurance customers, and captures verified photos you can trust.

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Virtual inspections. Redefined.

Designed specifically for insurance. In-person inspections, without the person.

  • Underwriting

    Gather proof at policy inception that an item being insured is legitimate: photo verification that it exists, in the expected condition, and in your customer’s possession. Remove the need for a costly and inconvenient physical inspection. And reduce the risk of customer attrition.

  • Claims

    Streamline claim payments with faster, more accurate inspections. Receive inspection results back instantly. Reduce the risk of fraud with trusted, verified photo forensics working in the background.

  • Special Investigation Units

    Our photo verification is even trusted by Special Investigation Units (SIU), where authenticity and veracity are absolutely critical. Perform inspections faster, detect fraud when it occurs, and streamline genuine customers back into claims.

  • Secure, Fast Implementation

    Secure software-as-a-service implementation – live in days – including branding with your organization’s logo and style. Zero IT effort required on your part. Our security is trusted by some of the largest global companies.

  • Pay-As-You-Go

    Our transparent pricing structure means you only pay for completed inspections, with no minimum charges and no long-term contracts. Full ongoing support, maintenance, and exciting feature updates are all included.

  • 30 Day Trial Period

    Try the software with free, unlimited inspections for 30 days (just a small set-up fee). No catch. No small print. We’re confident you’ll love it, and so will your customers.

Truepic Vision has provided a convenient, less intrusive option to collect photos. When photos are taken through the Truepic Vision app, our Underwriters have a much higher confidence level on their authenticity.
Director of Product & Personal Lines
Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

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There’s much more to an image than meets the eye.

Hidden in the pixel data and the file structure of an image is a wealth of information that could help you gauge its authenticity. Truepic Insight exposes this rich set of information for nearly any image via a straightforward, easy-to-understand interface or high-fequency API.

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