Your app, our app – we have the solution for ensuring the authenticity of customer-submitted photos.

Turnkey platform for requesting and reviewing trusted photos and videos.

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Our SDK works with your existing applications, providing a layer of photo fraud prevention in your workflows.

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Trusted Photos power Commerce. Truepic powers Trusted Photos.

How can you operate safely now and in the digital future? Truepic helps companies capture high trust digital photos and videos by providing ground source truth for effective business operations. Your customers can seamlessly submit documentation from anywhere in the world, so you’ll have trust at the foundation of every interaction.

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Truepic provides a critical layer of protection against deceptive images.

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  • Operate Virtually

    Digital photos are powering the move toward virtual operations. Truepic helps companies increase efficiency, reduce costs, save time, improve the customer experience, and lower carbon emissions. By implementing virtual workflows through Truepic, you can be assured that your digital business transformation is happening atop a world class platform underpinned by trust and safety.

  • Reduce Fraud

    Conduct better-automated decisioning through Truepic’s industry-leading AI and camera technology. Image anomalies and metadata inconsistencies are automatically flagged - assuring you are always operating on the highest quality digital images available.

  • Increase Safety

    Drive the highest quality interactions with your customers. If you need confirmation on who or what is behind a transaction, a virtual verification can be conducted seamlessly through Truepic. Ground source truth is only one trusted image away.

​​Restoring visual trust for all

Visual trust impacts every industry and aspect of society, and authentic media is the critical foundation of online interactions. We use cutting-edge AI, cryptography, and computer vision to power the tools that are used to operate today and in the future.

  • Insurance Carriers
  • Lenders
  • Online Platforms
  • Warranty Providers
  • Government Agencies
  • News Organizations
  • Citizen Journalists
  • NGOs
Truepic Vision

Ensure the authenticity of customer-submitted content

Truepic Vision is a turnkey platform that delivers trustworthy photos and videos, so you can securely and instantly validate digital content. Scale and optimize your business operations by implementing virtual workflows and seamlessly conduct remote verification.

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Our Technology

A new breed of visual media

Authenticated photos and videos are the future of business and societal transactions online. Truepic's patented Controlled Capture technology ensures the integrity of visual media from the moment of capture. It securely captures original pixel content and metadata (date, time, and location), creating the highest level of visual reality in media.

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We're working and partnering with some of the world's largest organizations

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