93% of Americans Suspect Online Photos Have Been Edited. Request a copy of TRUEPIC’s March 2017 Photo Manipulation Study.


TRUEPIC certifies the authenticity and veracity of photos in a digital world where seeing is no longer believing.

Have a camera in your app?

Introducing the TRUEPIC SDK. TRUEPIC’s Core Image Verification Technology can be embedded into any mobile application using our simple drop-in framework. Any time a camera is launched within your mobile app, TRUEPIC can be enabled and user generated content can be immediately verified for authenticity. With help from our mobile development experts, TRUEPIC can be embedded quickly and easily to allow your business the ability to utilize image verification technology today.

Drop-in SDK

With minimal modifications to your existing code-base, we offer the ability to automatically verify all in-app photo and video content and full administrative access to your image and video database.

100% AuthenticImages

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Industries Utilizing TRUEPIC Technology


Insurance companies are cutting fraud and reducing claims expenses by implementing mobile app visual inspections & verified photo claims.
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Property Management

Property managers and vacation rental services are getting visual confirmation they can rely on that homes are properly maintained.
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Beauty Companies

Beauty, Health, and Wellness companies are utilizing certified authentic before & after photos in their marketing campaigns to drive consumer trust.
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Online Classifieds

Online marketplaces are allowing users to post accurate representations of inventory resulting in improved transaction satisfaction. 

Media Companies

Media companies are leveraging the power of citizen journalism to gather photos and videos of current events in real-time with full confidence. 

Home Care Providers

Home care providers are giving comfort to clients that loved ones are being visited on time and appropriately cared for.

TRUEPIC Consumer Mobile Application

TRUEPIC’s enterprise grade photo certification is now available to consumers on both iPhone and Android. Social media influencers, independent beauty professionals, citizen journalists, and others are using TRUEPIC to ensure they’re retaining ownership of content, showcasing work, documenting assets, and more. Simply use TRUEPIC to snap photos & videos and our trusted watermark will be applied to your image and can be instantly share online.