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Truepic is the leading image authentication platform for anyone looking to verify photos or videos.

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Simple, straightforward image authentication for any situation

  • Insurance Claims

    Insurance companies are cutting fraud and reducing claims expenses by implementing mobile app visual inspections & verified photo claims.

  • Property Management

    Property managers and vacation rental services are getting visual confirmation they can rely on that homes are accurately listed and properly maintained.

  • Beauty, Health, and Wellness

    Beauty, Health, and Wellness companies are utilizing certified authentic before & after photos in their marketing campaigns to drive consumer trust.

  • Online Sales

    Online marketplaces are allowing users to post accurate representations of inventory resulting in improved transaction satisfaction and reduction in fraud.

  • Journalism and Documentation

    Smartphones have become platforms for monitoring and documenting world events. Truepic allows for authenticated User Generated Content in real time anywhere in the world.

  • We Can Help You

    It’s a big world out there, and these are just a few of the industries we’ve helped. Don’t see yours on the list? Contact a team member to see how we can help.

SDK integration that fits any product

With minimal lines of code needed to get started we’ve made authenticating photos easier then ever!

Our platform is flexible enough to fit into existing apps, and robust enough to be the foundation for new ones.

With Truepic’s SDK documentation you won’t waste time searching. We’ve made it incredibly simple to find what you need, when you need it.

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Anyone, anywhere can capture and share certified, authentic photos and videos.

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