2023 in Review

In 2023 legislators and industry leaders alike recognized the importance of securely and transparently disclosing how digital content is made. Truepic and its partners led the way with major breakthroughs to further digital content transparency in both hardware and software. Below are some highlights from the year.


January 26th: Truepic EVP Mounir Ibrahim speaks at Oxford University’s inaugural Synthetic Media Forum, introducing the concepts of transparency and authenticity in digital content in the AI age.

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February 27th: The Partnership on AI releases its Responsible Practices Framework for Synthetic Media, calling for transparency in AI-generated content in the form of disclosure. The Framework specifies C2PA – an open standard Truepic is proud to help lead and support – as a leading disclosure mechanism. Truepic is also a proud partner of PAI’s Framework.


March 21st: Adobe, also a member of the C2PA standard, unveils their generative AI tool Firefly and announces that outputs will be signed and disclosed with C2PA Content Credentials.

March 27th: Truepic and Microsoft launch the first interoperable image authentication platform, Project Providence. Project Providence verifies an image’s authenticity using our SDK deployed to Microsoft Azure Cloud. Since launch, Project Providence has been used to document thousands of images throughout Ukraine for advocacy and accountability.

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April 4th: Truepic, Revel.ai, and Nina Schick release the world’s first transparent deepfake video signed with C2PA Content Credentials using Truepic’s unique signing solution for digital content.

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May 15th: Truepic joins the World Economic Forum as a Digital Safety partner, building on our commitment to develop content transparency solutions for a more authentic internet.

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May 23rd: Microsoft, also a member of the C2PA open standard, announces that Bing Image Creator will deploy C2PA Content Credentials on its AI-generated outputs.


June 14th: The EU passes the text of the EU AI Act, including a stipulation in Article 52 that generative AI platforms “shall disclose that the content has been artificially generated or manipulated.”


July 7th: Truepic works with researchers at MIT Media Lab to deploy C2PA Content Credentials in an academic study on deepfakes.

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July 21st: The White House secures voluntary commitments from Amazon, Anthropic, Google, Inflection, Meta, Microsoft, and OpenAI to help move toward safe, secure, and transparent development of AI technology, including mechanisms “to ensure that users know when content is AI generated.”


August 20th: Truepic is featured on ABC News’ “This Week” alongside Adobe and Dr. Hany Farid from UC Berkeley on the importance of transparency in digital content through the C2PA open standard.

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September 21st: Truepic and Adobe illustrate the interoperability of C2PA Content Credentials for thousands of leaders from across the public and private sectors at SCSP’s 2023 Emerging Tech Summit.

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September 26th: Truepic joins the Partnership on AI’s Framework for Collective Action on Synthetic Media, furthering its commitment to transparency and authenticity. Through the framework, Truepic and other industry leaders commit to responsibly developing, creating, sharing, and identifying AI-generated media.

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October 5th: Truepic and Hugging Face announce a partnership to highlight the latest innovations in transparency for AI-generated content, providing a free space on Hugging Face for creators to experiment with adding C2PA Content Credentials to their AI-generated creations for transparency and disclosure, including an experimental combination of C2PA and watermarking with Steg.ai.

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October 24th: Truepic and Qualcomm announce that hardware-backed C2PA Content Credentials will be available in Qualcomm’s next gen Snapdragon chipset, bringing transparency capabilities to smartphones.

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October 30th: The White House issues an Executive Order on AI that calls for “identifying and labeling synthetic content produced by AI systems, and to establish the authenticity and provenance of digital content.”


November 8th: Truepic EVP Mounir Ibrahim testifies before the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Accountability on deepfake risks.

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November 29th: Truepic EVP Mounir Ibrahim participates in the 7th U.S. Senate AI Insight Forum on Transparency, Explainability, IP, and Copyright.

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December 7th: In partnership with the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) and BioBio, a Chilean news outlet, Truepic supports the first ever news site to enable Content Credentials on their digital media. BioBio journalists use Truepic’s secure capture platform to capture authenticated photos and videos for display on BioBio’s website. Truepic CEO Jeff McGregor and EVP Nick Brown showcase the process at the CAI Symposium with partners from BioBio.

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