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About Us We're on a mission to restore trust to the internet

Truepic is the leading photo and video verification platform. We aim to accelerate business, foster a healthy civil society, and push back against disinformation. We do this by bolstering the value of authentic photos and videos while leading the fight against deceptive ones.

Our Culture

Trust and transparency are in our DNA

Relationships are built on trust, and we take our responsibility to build a trusted solution very seriously. It drives every decision we make as an organization, from the product features we build, our highly selective hiring process, and ultimately to the clients and organizations we work with. A global problem requires a diverse, distributed, and highly talented team. Our home base is in California, but our people are everywhere. A remote culture lets us tap into the very best talent while remaining at the center of a global fight to restore trust.


Want to join us in our mission to restore trust on the internet?

Check out our job listings on AngelList. If you don’t see a job listed that fits your skill-set, you can email us at [email protected].