What happens if real is actually fake?

Truepic and acclaimed production studio, Revel.ai, have partnered to produce the world’s first authenticated deepfake video using transparent engineering. Click the “cr” icon in the righthand corner to see for yourself.

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See how we did it

1. Recorded the original footage from all angles

Multiple recordings of all angles of Nina Schick were pulled together to form a high-quality AI model.

2. Trained the artificial intelligence model

Revel.ai trained an extremely lifelike AI model of Nina until the output was indistinguishable from the real Nina.

3. Cryptographically signed and timestamped the video

The output was signed as an AI generation with Truepic’s transparency tools, including the named creators, Revel.ai.

4. Published the video with transparent details

With Truepic’s Display, you and the world can now know with 100% certainty that this video is AI-generated.

Today, anyone can fake or manipulate photos and videos to make them seem real.

Real content can easily be taken out of context, and misused to misrepresent reality.

Our daily decisions — what we buy, who we meet, what we rent, who we vote for, what we believe — are informed by what we see online. What happens if real is actually fake?

The ability to decipher human from AI is foundational to our shared sense of reality.

See the details that matter

Trust the cryptographic security
By cryptographically signing media, every image displayed contains verified, traceable details about the person or organization that signed it, and when it was signed. Signing provides proof about the entity that created each version of a file, and the confidence that it has not been edited in any way since the last signed version.

Compare critical details
See where and when a photo was taken, what AI tool was used to generate an image, or what software was used to edit a photo and how it was edited. When the context of a post, story, or article matter, you can cross reference the critical details and confirm their accuracy yourself.

View traceable edits and verified origin
From a known, verified origin to every edit along the way, Truepic’s Display will tell you the story you need to make an informed decision. Originated from a camera, generated by a computer, edited in Photoshop, or downsized on it’s way to your screen, you can transparently see an image’s history.

Truepic can help

The first of their kind tools you need for scalable transparency. You can now offer transparency across the lifecycle of an image — from signed, authentic capture, to signed edits and transformations, to verification and display for your consumers, you can enable authenticity in your products across the internet.

Securely capture images in your apps

With the Truepic Lens mobile camera SDK, you can add verified data from the instant the image is taken.

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Add transparency to your images

With Truepic PKI and Sign, you can add authentic details and tracked edits to your photos and videos no matter where they are.

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Display transparent details to your audience

With Truepic Display, you can show your consumers signed, critical details right in your website or product.

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The creative AI studio behind the video

Based in Amsterdam, Revel.ai is an industry leader in hyperrealistic, synthetic content creation using Artificial Intelligence. They can turn any person into a hyperreal digital version that looks exactly like the real deal.

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