C2PA Signing ToolkitTools to implement Content Credentials at scale

Securely integrate C2PA Content Credentials anywhere, without workflow disruption, whether locally on mobile devices or from the command line after server-side media processing.

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Why Truepic?

As a co-founder of the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) open technical standard, our signing toolkit stands out as the pioneering commercial solution, supported by unparalleled industry expertise.

Fast and easy integration

Integrate C2PA without disruption, harmonizing with your team’s tech stack, roadmap, and needs.

Unrivaled security

Benefit from enterprise-grade security and key management features out of the box for the safest signing possible.

Authentic implementation

Harness our trusted implementations to seamlessly sign media upon capture or AI generation, enabling you to preserve the authenticity of digital content.

What is the C2PA?

An open technical standard providing publishers, creators, and consumers the ability to transparently trace the origin and history of different types of media. The implementation of the standard utilizes PKI to cryptographically bind data to a file in a tamper-evident way.

PlatformsWhere it works


Seamlessly incorporate signing with Truepic certificates into your server and cloud-based media workflows via command line integration. With the Truepic CLI, effortlessly enroll, sign, and verify media directly within your application using a straightforward command.


Easily sign any content directly on mobile devices using our native SDKs for iOS and Android made by developers for developers. Whether it’s user-generated, filtered, or uploaded media, signing occurs on the device without compromising privacy, thanks to automatic daily key and certificate rotation.


Our C2PA library can also be integrated directly into smartphone and camera hardware such as chipsets to ensure that the original details of the media are verified and cryptographically sealed upon creation.

Who uses the C2PA Signing ToolkitStreamlined signing for modern applications

Efficiently implement and automate C2PA signing across diverse platforms and uses. Reach out to us to discuss your specific needs.
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Generative AI

Sign AI-generated files in real time. Efficiently and programmatically sign and categorize content as AI-generated upon model output on your server infrastructure.

Social media

Sign edits and changes to a media file to record its history. Easily incorporate signing into your user-generated media optimization and scaling workflow, whether processing in the cloud or at the edge.


Add a tamper-evident seal to existing files to make them future proof. Automatically integrate C2PA into editorial content within your content management and digital asset management systems.

Key features

Developers can integrate C2PA signing into any software or infrastructure with minimal effort. Truepic’s developer tools are backed by our purpose-built media PKI stack, combine everything you need for each of your environments and platforms, and are supported by outstanding enterprise service.

Truepic PKI

Truepic’s Certificate Authority and Time Stamping Authority (TSA) work out of the box with no configuration or setup required.

Key management

Effortlessly integrate with leading and native providers and enjoy seamless integration of key provisioning and rotation for enhanced security.

Secure by design

Enterprise security compliance (SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, ISO 9001) and optional short-duration certificates at no additional cost, which reduces security vulnerability risk.

Enterprise support

Receive hands-on implementation guidance from C2PA experts and dedicated support via email, video conferencing, and shared channels on Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Learn MoreSuccess stories


What happens if real is actually fake? Truepic and acclaimed production studio, Revel.ai, partnered to produce the world’s first authenticated deepfake video using transparent engineering.

MIT Media Lab

Enabling ethical AI research through provenance disclosure: Truepic worked with researchers from the Affective Computing group at MIT Media Lab to add secure, cryptographic provenance to over 30 deepfake videos.

Hugging Face

A community demonstration of C2PA-signed AI generated content at point of capture with Truepic’s certificate authority and CLI with watermarking provided by Steg.AI in a demo on Hugging Face’s Spaces.

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Increase trust and transparency at scale with Truepic’s transparency tools.

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