Your app, our app – we have the solution for ensuring the authenticity of customer-submitted photos.

Turnkey platform for requesting and reviewing trusted photos and videos.

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Our SDK works with your existing applications, providing a layer of photo fraud prevention in your workflows.

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Trusted photos captured in your App

Our SDK, Truepic Lens, is the leading visual verification tool seeking to restore truth back to the internet. Truepic Lens works with your existing marketplace, platform, or app – empowering you with the knowledge to protect your business from fraud.

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What’s a Truepic?

At their core, Truepics extend trust to anyone viewing and making decisions based on photos or videos.

Behind the scenes, every Truepic contains provenance details - critical information like date, time, location, and the true pixels captured - that are verified and cryptographically sealed into the file in a tamper-evident way. With Truepics, you can be sure that you, and your customers, can trust what they see.

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Truepics in your application

With Truepic’s SDK, Lens, get all the trust and security of Truepic technology directly in your own native application. Seamlessly collect critical, authenticated, media to drive better decisions for you, your customers, and the world around us.

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Protect your consumers
Create data consistency
Drive brand trust and transparency
Better decisions for you and your consumers

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