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Seamlessly integrate Truepic’s secure camera technology directly into your existing iOS, Android, or mobile web applications with the Truepic Lens software development kit (SDK).

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Why Truepic Lens?Consumer trust and safety
demand authenticity

Image manipulation affects the entire digital economy. Fake images and factual misrepresentations put your shoppers, members and other online users at risk. Now, the rise of manipulated content threatens to create confusion, damage brand reputation, and result in lost revenue. With Truepic Lens, you can easily collect trusted, authenticated content to drive better decisions for you and your customers.

Protect your consumers

Reassure customers that the images they are seeing are authentic, giving them the confidence to buy, connect or share based on what they see.

Create brand trust and transparency

By giving users the ability to see when and where content was created and if it’s been edited, you can create confidence in your content and fend off fakes.

Prevent and reduce fraud

Truepic’s unique Controlled Capture technology assures and preserves the authenticity of photos, videos, and documents from the instant they’re captured.

Enable better decision making

Create real peace of mind and save time for you and your consumers. When you never need to worry about the integrity of your images, it’s easier for everyone to make the best, most informed decisions.

Build and automate easily

Partner with us instead of building authentication software yourself, saving valuable time and resources. Plus, images and the data you receive back always contain the same information, so you can further automate processes to create even more efficiencies.

What Lens DoesProtect the authenticity of
every image or video

Truepic Lens is the world’s first fraud prevention mobile camera SDK. It looks like any other camera, but prevents manipulation, spoofing, and hacking of photos and videos, whether the device is online or offline. Lens captures and processes digital content using advanced analysis to prevent fraud before it happens, with all digital content captured to full C2PA standards compliance.


It’s easy to replace the camera in your native iOS, Android, or web applications with Truepic Lens technology, allowing your users to capture only verified, authentic photos and videos.


Truepic Lens secures every device, prevents photo and video editing, and stops metadata modification before the content ever reaches your system.


Truepic Lens surfaces content manipulation with reverse image search, picture-of-screen detection, object and text extraction, and more.

BenefitsPower your applications
with Lens


Strengthen product verification and enhance your safety measures, while improving the customer and end-user experience for everyone.

Peer to Peer

Give users accurate, authentic views of the things they might buy or the places they might stay and help ensure a great customer experience and higher customer satisfaction.


Improve know your customer (KYC) processes and strengthen your member safety practices with authenticated photos and videos.


Protect your brand and ensure your online viewers and followers know what content they find online is really yours, and which photos or videos aren’t.


Make sure every member profile pic is authentic with Truepic Lens, giving your members peace of mind in their search for companionship.

Let’s start building on authenticity

Increase trust and transparency at scale with Truepic’s Digital Content Authenticity solutions.

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