Authentic Mobile CameraDon’t detect what’s fake, identify what’s real

Capture and sign 100% authentic photos, videos, and audio with the camera in your mobile apps using the Truepic Lens software development kit (SDK).

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How It WorksEnd-to-end transparency

Device Integrity

Lens programmatically secures the camera in your app by independently testing and verifying the device’s security, attestation, and geolocation.

Secure capture

Media is authentically captured by the secure camera, and C2PA Content Credentials are instantly locked into the file. Truepic’s time stamping and certificate authorities maximize trust and data fidelity.

Authentic results

The authentic media’s known origin can be displayed within your app. Lens verifies every file with its out of the box support for C2PA Content Credentials.

Origin and history of content

Unlock the puzzle of content authentication with a best-in-class solution to empower you and your team to easily categorize and manage original content within your mobile infrastructure.


Truepic’s authentic camera technology assures and preserves the authenticity of media from the moment of capture. Our award-winning Lens SDKs redefine the standard for capturing photos, videos, and audio, resulting in unaltered and secure media, thanks to advanced device security and attestation.


By giving users the ability to see when and where content was created, you can build trust in your content and fend off fakes. From pixels to metadata, Lens signs and seals real, verified information into captured files using the C2PA standard. Lens independently verifies the device and the media’s timestamp and location.


Lens makes securing your environment and adopting C2PA standards simple. Integrated out of the box, our native SDKs for iOS and Android provide everything you need for a secure experience.

Avoid the frustration of keeping up with specs and complex security measures. Lens ensures seamless integration within hours and deployment in days, delivering a hassle-free experience for your team.

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Social platforms

Foster a secure and engaging environment where transparency is paramount, putting your social media app apart in a league of its own.Integrate our SDKs effortlessly into your social media apps, empowering users to capture and share content with verified authenticity.

Media organizations

Out in the field or behind the editor’s desk, authenticity matters. With Lens integrated into your existing apps, enable your staff to capture authentic, signed media directly from their smartphones. Safely transfer these files to your editorial workflow systems, ensuring a secure and efficient process for delivering accurate news content.

Governance and policy

Enhance security protocols and revolutionize the way you serve the public. Lens empowers government agencies to deliver efficient, transparent, and secure services.

Key FeaturesTruepic’s secure content transparency tools

Truepic helps you protect what matters. Our development tools and libraries enable turnkey implementation of compliantly-signed visual media at scale. No need to string together disparate tools or “figure it out,” Truepic combines what you need to get started out of the box with enterprise level service and support.

Device security for original media

Our patented Controlled Capture means rigorously tested device security and verified metadata so you can know the content’s provenance is valid.

Truepic’s PKI included

Truepic’s Certificate Authority and time stamping authority (TSA) work out of the box with no configuration or setup required.

Certificate rotation

Lens’s heightened security automatically rotates device keys and certificates daily. This promotes anonymity and eliminates linkability and provides granular revocation control, leaving the rest of your system untouched.

C2PA support

Lens offers an end-to-end foundation for secure transparency. Capture, sign, and verify C2PA metadata and display Content Credentials, all from one SDK created for mobile developers, by mobile developers.


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Project Providence uses Lens and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to authenticate images from the moment of capture to document and protect Ukraine’s cultural heritage.

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Lens, the first smartphone camera for capturing secure and authenticated digital content, was recognized as one of TIME’s 2022 Best Inventions in the Apps & Software category.

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Fast Company

Fast Company announced Lens as a finalist in Apps and Media & Entertainment as part of Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas.

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Easily and securely implement C2PA at scale with Truepic’s secure content transparency tools.

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