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Truepic Vision Virtual inspections, redefined.

Truepic Vision is the fastest, most trustworthy virtual inspection solution for insurance carriers, lenders, and online marketplaces.

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How it works

All it takes is three simple steps.

We designed Vision from the ground up to provide a simple, low-friction experience for both the enterprise and the end customer.

Step One: Image Request

Quickly and easily send a request for photos to any customer with a smartphone.

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Step Two: Customer Installs App

The customer can tap the smart link to install your customized Vision app and begin capturing verifiable, trustworthy photos. No registration or login required.

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Step Three: Full Inspection Results

Full inspection results are available on your custom web portal almost immediately. Done!

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Use Cases

​​Bringing the power of virtual inspections to multiple segments


​​Complex technologies, simplified to help your business.

Vision abstracts complex technologies into a simple platform that’s easy to use and deploy, with minimal upfront investment. And it begins delivering results to the bottom line immediately.

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  • Highest level of trust

    Highest level of trust

    ​​Truepic Vision leverages Truepic's multi-patented Controlled Capture technology to ensure that each photo is a trustworthy, authentic original. The result is fewer incidents of fraud that impact the bottom line.

  • Unprecedented speed

    Unprecedented speed

    Truepic Vision inspections can go from initiation to completion in a matter of minutes -- drastically faster than in-person inspections, which can take days or weeks.

  • Reduced cost


    Our transparent pricing structure means you only pay for completed inspections, with no minimum charges and no long-term contracts. Full ongoing support, maintenance, and exciting feature updates are all included.

  • Delighted customers

    Delighted customers

    Every step in a Truepic Vision virtual inspection is thoughtfully designed to ensure that customers can complete the inspection with minimal time and effort.

  • Easy integration

    Easy integration

    Secure software-as-a-service implementation – live in days – including your own branding and style. Zero IT effort required on your part. Our rigorous security implementation is trusted by some of the largest global companies.