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Better decisions from better images

Truepic Vision redefines virtual inspections as a secure, seamless platform you can trust. Receive verified, authentic images in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost as traditional alternatives.

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Truepic Vision saves our partners an average of $170k a year.*

The groundbreaking alternative to on-site inspections

The Problem

In today’s world, it’s all too easy to create fraudulent images. How can you be sure what you’re seeing is authentic? This issue is a serious risk for businesses that rely on photos to conduct operations, and it’s only getting worse as technology advances. Traditionally, you would turn to on-site inspections to mitigate that threat, all while wishing there was a better solution for you and your customers.

The Solution

Truepic Vision is a digital inspection platform that provides a quick and convenient way to receive verified, trustworthy images directly from your customer. We offer you the same trusted result as traditional site inspections, but get it done virtually — saving you time, money, and productivity in the process.

How do we do it?

Vision’s integrated Controlled Capture technology combats photo manipulation through a comprehensive suite of fraud prevention and detection tests. All images captured with the Vision app have verified metadata, are established as unedited, and have been confirmed as originals. With Vision, you can trust what you see — instantly.

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Click through the images below to see our image verification results in action!

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How Vision works in three simple steps


Send your customer a request to capture images

Your customer receives a text or email with a smart link directing them to the Vision app. After downloading the app, they can begin using it without any login or registration required.


Customer securely captures images using the Vision app

Your customer captures images based on the customized list of the photos you need. With our Controlled Capture tech, we receive and verify data directly from the device’s image sensors, and store it all as a unique digital fingerprint that cannot be edited by anyone, including us.


View verified, authentic images instantly

After your customer’s photos are uploaded and analyzed, the high-quality images and their verification results are instantly available to view in the Vision dashboard.

Discover the value of Vision

Vision’s cost-effective pricing, frictionless accessibility and quick turnaround time helps your company’s bottom line by allowing you to make secure financial decisions faster and smarter than competitors. Avoid the hassles of in-person inspections and spend more time focusing on what matters: your customers.

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  • Impact your bottom line by saving money and time over traditional on-site inspections.
  • Make confident underwriting decisions by performing inspections on loans of all values.
  • Grow business! A more efficient process means you can underwrite more loans in less time.

Insurance Carriers

  • Prevent fraud before it starts.
  • Perform instant inspections for all insured items — Vision’s cost-benefit compared to on-site inspections allows you to apply the process to all policies.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with a seamless process insureds can complete at their own convenience.
  • Expand your total customer base by boosting efficiency and speeding up the underwriting process.

Warranty Providers

  • Bring a new level of assurance to your warranty process! Introduce a proven method to collect claim photos with the ease of our remote inspections.
  • Reduce fraud by eliminating the possibility of reusing the same photos for multiple claims.
  • Troubleshoot possible manufacturing defects in minutes rather than weeks and for a fraction of the cost.

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$300 Base price
per month
  • 20 requests
  • 20 verified photos per request
  • City level image location


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  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited verified photos
  • Unlimited verified videos
  • Precise image location
  • Custom branding
  • Dedicated account management

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