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Truepic’s seamless Content Credentials display unveils media origins with a single script, revolutionizing user trust.

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A single, drop-in script that instantly adds Content Credentials display to your digital properties.


Human or AI-generated, Truepic’s display shows the full provenance trail without leaving the page.


Automatically stay up to date with the latest C2PA specification changes using our hosted library.

Universal compatibility


Our display is compatible with all major browsers and extends to native iOS and Android apps.


We provide support for commonly used image, video, and audio formats.

A history of firsts

Truepic has led the way in Content Credentials display, the first provider to label AI-generated content and showcase all historical assets directly within a file, streamlining user experience without the need to visit a separate website.

Enterprise support

Our display is tailored to meet our customers’ evolving needs. Benefit from dedicated support and continuous maintenance from Truepic, a pioneer in C2PA Content Credentials.

Evergreen, cloud-hosted library

Simply integrate the script into your website and go live. Enjoy ongoing support for C2PA specification updates – no library upgrades required, we’ve got you covered.

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Copy the script tag and add display to your website.

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Click the button below to access Truepic’s Content Credentials display. You’ll get access to the script and an integration guide to get started.

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Sign your content

Missing Content Credentials? Truepic’s display reads, validates, and reveals C2PA signed data. If the images on your site or platform don’t have that data, we can help.

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  • Does Truepic get access to my media?
    No. Truepic’s display library reads, verifies, and displays authentic data locally in the browser or app. The photos and videos do not leave your site or product.
  • Does it cost anything?
    No. Truepic’s display library is free to use across all platforms.
  • Will this be open sourced?
    Truepic’s display library is not open sourced today. For an open-source C2PA-compliant library, we recommend CAI’s library.
  • How can I add C2PA to my photos or videos?
    Truepic has a full suite of secure content transparency tools you can use to add authenticity to your images. Click here to learn more.
  • Does Truepic’s display work on media not signed by Truepic?
    Yes, Truepic’s display is verifies and displays Content Credentials for any media that is signed with the C2PA standard.
  • Should I build my own content credentials display?
    Yes, the C2PA standard encourages different implementations of provenance-enabled user experiences. However, between the evolving UX guidelines and complex C2PA specification, creating and maintaining your own programmatic display takes considerable nuance and time. Additionally, as founding members of C2PA, our display is backed by user research, customer data, and subject matter expertise. You can leave the heavy lifting to us – Truepic’s content credentials display library helps companies large and small, especially those just starting out with C2PA.

Display In ActionExamples of Truepic’s display online


A story covering Truepic and acclaimed production studio,, a partnership that created the world’s first authenticated deepfake video using transparent engineering.

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Project Providence

Developed by Truepic and Microsoft, we’re supporting the NGO Anti-Corruption Headquarters’ documentation of Ukrainian cultural heritage destruction and recovery activities.

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Hugging Face

A community demonstration of C2PA signing, verification, and display of AI-generated content using open source models, in partnership with Hugging Face.

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