Truepic NewsTruepic Unveils Watershed Gen-AI Transparency Directly on Devices Powered by  Snapdragon Mobile Platform

Breakthrough development empowers smartphones to capture authentic or generate AI images  with full transparency to those viewing 

San Diego, CA October 24, 2023 – /Globenewswire/ — Today, Truepic, provider of authenticity  infrastructure for the internet, showcased how next-gen smartphones with the new flagship  Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform can have the ability to generate synthetic images or  capture real media with full transparency into its creation for content consumers using Truepic’s  technology. This breakthrough marks a watershed moment for transparency and authenticity in  today’s world of generative artificial intelligence.  

Truepic’s technology seamlessly embeds the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity’s  (C2PA) Content Credentials to any image – synthetic or authentic – created on a device within the  Qualcomm® Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is the first C2PA compliant mobile platform, which unlocks the possibility of transparency for smartphones  capturing or generating media when leveraged along with Truepic’s technology. These  capabilities were displayed on stage by Qualcomm Technologies during its annual Snapdragon  Summit in Maui, Hawaii. 

Images originating from devices containing Truepic’s technology and powered by the  Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 platform can be fully transparent to any C2PA-compliant platform, browser,  or device. Authentic images captured from the device would be cryptographically marked if  users, OEMs, and app makers opt-in and choose to add transparency markings. Synthetic images  created on device can default to being sealed with the C2PA standard for transparency. 

“It is clear that generative capabilities are moving on-device. It is critical that chipsets now  power transparency and authenticity from the point of creation. We believe deploying the  provenance open standard on-device is one of the most significant breakthroughs toward a more  authentic internet and will be the model moving forward. We are proud to continue working with  Qualcomm Technologies to provide tools that will scale authenticity online,” said  Jeff McGregor, Truepic CEO. 

“We are committed to working with industry partners, like Truepic, to help facilitate ethical and  responsible AI innovation,” said Ziad Asghar, Senior Vice President, Technology Planning,  Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “By supporting Truepic’s technology, we can help ensure photos  captured or generated by AI on next generation smartphones powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 3  are authentic and adhere to the C2PA standard.” 

Transparency, provenance, and authenticity in digital content have become a necessity in the  increasingly digitized world. Further, these concepts have been identified as a best practice in  generative AI by various organizations, including the Partnership on AI’s synthetic code of  conduct and the White House announcement on voluntary commitments. As generative AI  capabilities move from server-side platforms to devices, the Truepic C2PA implementation within the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform will lead the way to ensure users are  empowered to create content – either authentically or synthetically – in accordance with the  world’s emerging best practices. These capabilities will also help content consumers and those viewing content decipher between AI generated media and those authentically created. 

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Truepic provides authenticity infrastructure for the Internet. The company’s transparency tools  deliver verifiable information about the origin and editing history of digital content. Truepic is  dedicated to advancing products and services that establish transparency in digital content,  empowering viewers and users to identify authenticity and differentiate human from computer-generated. Recognized as one of TIME’s Best Inventions and Fast Company’s World Changing  Ideas, consumers, businesses, creators, and publishers trust Truepic’s technologies to make  informed decisions. For more information, visit 

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