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Truepic Display offers the easiest and most complete way to transparently display authenticated data in visual media across platforms. Human vs. computer generated no longer needs to be anybody’s guess.

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BenefitsTransparency matters


Enable consumers to see the details that matter. Whether weighing political, purchase, rental, or social decisions, or what to trust in news they consume, the details matter. Truepic’s display library empowers consumers to once again trust what they see.


AI creates incredible opportunities, but also comes with real risk. Transparently displaying whether visual media is human or computer generated protects against potential harms from the start, while allowing AI to safely transform the future of the internet.

Creative Ownership

Creators put their blood, sweat, and tears into the work they produce. Display content with attribution across the internet so creative credit is maintained through the entire lifecycle of digital media.

For DevelopersTransparency is universal

Truepic Display works across file types and platforms, and is built for content consumers of all kinds.




Get started

Copy the script and add Display to your website. If you don’t have authenticated digital media available, we’ve provided sample images to get started.

JS Library Script

Click the button below to access Truepic Display. You will get access to the script and an integration guide to get started.

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Sample Files

Download our sample image kit, with various examples. Be sure that each file is preserved, without compression or conversion.

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Is your digital media missing signed, verified data?

Truepic Display reads, validates, and reveals signed data. If the images on your site or platform don’t have that data, we can help.

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