Truepic BlogA More Transparent Internet is On Its Way

Today, Google joined the steering committee of the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), an interoperable open technical standard founded by organizations like Truepic, Microsoft, Adobe, BBC, and others to standardize how transparent and authentic digital content can travel online. 

With Meta’s announcement earlier this week that it will label AI-generated images on Facebook and Instagram based on signals like C2PA Content Credentials, and OpenAI’s integration of C2PA to sign outputs from Dall-E, Google joining the Coalition is the latest in a string of critical developments for the content authenticity industry. In the last year Qualcomm and Truepic announced breakthrough C2PA capability in chipsets; Leica announced they will use C2PA Content Credentials in their M-11P camera, and Stability AI’s API, Microsoft’s Bing’s Image Generator, Adobe Firefly, and Truepic’s Hugging Face Space have all incorporated C2PA Content Credentials to disclose AI-generated content. In a moment when AI-generated content is more prevalent than ever before, these are huge strides for the authenticity industry toward building a healthier information ecosystem.

As one of the world’s largest technology providers, Google joining the C2PA marks a significant moment for the global movement toward greater transparency in digital content. C2PA Content Credentials are intentionally designed to be open (any platform or tool can adopt) and interoperable (ingested, read, and displayed across tools and platforms) as digital content has a dynamic lifecycle online, moving rapidly between different tools and platforms. Tamper-evident C2PA Content Credentials provide a clear line of sight into how digital content was created and edited, so content consumers and distributors can understand if what they are looking at is AI-generated, captured on camera, or somewhere in between. As more platforms and tools like Google and Open AI join C2PA, C2PA Content Credentials will become more resilient and readable signals across the digital platforms and tools we use every day, driving greater transparency into how the content we consume each day was created and/or edited. 

Google joining C2PA today is a critical step toward a more transparent internet. While there is still much work ahead, I am confident that growing C2PA adoption across software and hardware providers will drive material, positive changes online. Truepic will continue to power secure, enterprise-grade C2PA implementations, so that authentic, transparent, credentialed digital content will be easier to create, share, and display around the world.

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