Truepic BlogTruepic’s Secure Camera Enhances Microsoft’s Content Integrity Tools

Truepic was founded more than eight years ago to enhance transparency and authenticity online. We embarked on this ambitious journey for the betterment of business, society, and democracy. This year is pivotal, with billions voting globally; the online information we access is crucial to our decisions. The weight of this moment is not lost on us and that is why we are proud to partner with Microsoft to help deliver Content Integrity tools, designed to advance transparency and authenticity throughout the many facets of global elections. 

The integration of Truepic’s mobile camera SDK—an authenticating capture application—into Microsoft’s Content Integrity suite is vital. This capture application will allow any campaign, institution, newsroom to capture authenticated images, videos, and audio right from a vetted and secure mobile phone. Truepic’s unique and robust secure implementation will ensure that the data, device, image or audio, is verified and embedded with C2PA Content Credentials at the instant of capture. Due to the interoperability of the C2PA open specification the newly captured digital content and its credentials will be visible to any compliant website, platform, or verification page like the one developed by Microsoft. By embedding Content Credentials into the media at the moment of capture, the app ensures that each piece of content can be verified for authenticity and origin, thereby helping prevent and pre-empt tampering but also to help stem spread of the Liar’s Dividend – bad actors claiming that authentic images are actually fake. 

We support Microsoft’s view that this approach to transparency in digital content will help foster democracy via a healthier informational ecosystem. We also welcome Microsoft’s leadership in this space and view this as a natural extension of our existing partnership documenting destruction to cultural heritage in Ukraine via Project Providence. Most recently, Truepic joined 19 other partners to sign the Tech Accord to Combat Deceptive AI in elections. In addition to this effort with Microsoft, Truepic is working with other other partners, such as Ballotpedia, to do our part to help increase transparency in elections around the world. 

We are excited to see such interest in the United States and around the world in these tools for elections, journalism and more. Any interested party in the EU, the UK, and the US can request access to the Content Integrity preview by contacting Microsoft’s campaign success team. Also, any journalists or news organizations interested in accessing the tool can submit a request via Microsoft’s Journalism Hub.

Our technology empowers organizations to produce the most secure and authentic Content Credentials possible, and we are proud to deploy our technology for such an incredibly important issue and pivotal moment in the world. We believe this is crucial for safeguarding the integrity of elections and our informational ecosystem.

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